How to Choose a Website Design

How to Choose a Website Design

A website design is one of the most crucial elements of any business as it heavily influences the visitor experience on your website. It's nearly impossible to meet user requirements without choosing the right website design.

For example, a single webpage design may present all the information on an easily accessed landing page but isn't the best choice for product-based companies.

Similarly, a responsive design best suits businesses with mobile users. Knowing how to choose a website design is crucial to launching and managing the most effective business site. 

Web Design: How to Make the Right Choices

What follows are some of the best tips and recommendations, as gathered and correlated by our experts at ShopDango, for choosing the right design strategy for your website.

Design for Your User's Emotion

The user experience (UX) of visitors on your website plays a crucial role in the overall impact of your brand. Several external factors on a website can impact the UX, however.

Website designers or business owners should assess their website's purpose and utility. For example, you should use the fonts that you think best represent your corporate image and not the ones that work against it.

You should also ensure that all on-site elements blend perfectly and create a cohesive user experience on the site. It will allow companies to ignite visitor interest and reduce bounce rates on the website.

Design With a Storyteller’s Approach

Adding an element of humanization in website designs has become one of the most popular trends for users online today. Users are more likely to remember stories and journeys rather than just facts. Sharing well-crafted stories can help you to meet client requirements and leave a positive lasting impression. 

Most website creators claim the landing page is like an appetizer for their visitors. Most of these users determine the site's worth in the first few seconds, making your brand’s effectiveness and digestibility invaluable. However, additional pages like dedicated service or product pages are the meat to your site sandwich. 

Even social media platforms have a storytelling element in them now. For instance, Instagram allows users to add a story to every image they post.

Prioritize Navigation

Navigation is a crucial element of the onsite UX and can lead to more conversions, higher ranking, and better returns on investment (ROI). The navigation experience can also make or break the number of users visiting your website. A website without a proper site map can make users feel like they are stuck in a maze, ultimately leaving early in frustration. However, visitors will likely revisit your website if it is easy to comprehend and use.

If you are unsure about user intent and behavior, you can use heat maps to determine how the users act on your website. You can also add assessment tools and use the insight gained to improve your user experience.

Design for Accessibility

Accessibility goes unnoticed by most businesses when designing a website. Accessibility focuses more on site elements that resonate with all your website's audiences. For example, people with a physical store might build a special ramp for customers with a wheelchair.

Similarly, designers need to keep in mind the individuality of visitors to their website. There's a chance you might encounter users that aren't as tech-savvy as others. The onsite usage needs to be easy enough for them to understand.

Another example to consider is the existence of color-blind users interacting with your website. These users may be unable to differentiate between on-site elements based on color variation. However, you can add a symbol with the color to support such smaller groups too.

Bottom Line

Choosing a website design becomes more manageable if you keep users’ intent and behaviors in mind. Businesses should try focusing on website accessibility, navigation ease, and implementing a storytelling approach to attract more visitors. These simple tricks will make it easier to choose a website, but you can always reach out to us at ShopDango if you feel like you still face complications while selecting a website design. We will help you to make the best decisions for your business and get you started towards long-term marketing success.

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