Elements of Good Website Design

Elements of Good Website Design

The online market is expanding at a high rate. More and more companies, businesses, and startups are turning to websites for their marketing efforts. Experts believe websites will only continue to grow in popularity due to their pervasive usefulness with digital brand awareness. Polished website content can boost digital marketing, lead generation, and other business endeavors.

However, running a successful business website is a difficult task. There's a lot to keep in mind because a good website design needs to look perfect. It can be challenging to understand all of the factors which go into this feat, so we have lined out the top ones in this article.

Elements of a Good Website Design

A good website design should include a variety of dedicated strategies and components. Take a look at our list of the most important factors elements:

Website Content

The most important part of any website is the content it presents to visitors. Quality matters over quantity. You could have an attractive user interface and streamlined user experience, but it is quality content that will attract visitors and boost engagement.

All the information on your website must be credible and factually correct. Google ranks websites with informational mistakes lower than others. It can make running the website quite tricky and staying on top is nearly impossible.

However, if you have good quality content on your website, the customer retention rates improve, and you can enjoy a broader customer base.


The kind of text your website has dictates the overall website view the visitors receive. A high number of websites do not rank well merely because they do not properly or easily convey their content. Fortunately, developers now have access to different fonts and typographies.

Additionally, many brands have set fonts for operations and have become more of their identity. So, it's essential to consider the kind of fonts you use on-site because they could become a significant part of your brand identity in the future.

Responsive Hero Images

The world of web designing has changed over the years, with an ever-growing focus on crafting an immersive experience. The Interactive images act as a call to action (CTA) for businesses and customers alike, who can see the CTA rather than reading it in bland text. 

Hero images allow users to make the customer focus on a particular section of your website. Note that there's limited text you can add to these hero images. Thus, it's best to choose images that work well for you and your brand.

Background Video

Using multimedia sources on websites is an excellent way to increase customer engagement. Companies are always looking for new ways to attract more customers. However, adding engaging videos is an exciting method, and the videos can include anything you want your customers to see.

It can be about your company, vision, achievements, plans, etc. The versatility of these background videos makes intuitive web design an ideal choice for driving brand engagement. In addition, these videos allow users to add an element of humanization to their content.

For example, people prefer businesses and brands that show a more private side to their business. For instance, you could highlight an employee video, customer response, or success story. It will work as long as it is something that resonates with the customers. People will attribute higher levels of accountability to your company with content like this.

High-Quality Images

The quality and description of images on your website can make a more immediate and lasting impact on your visitors than any other element. Keep in mind that high-quality images play a vital role in decision-making during online shopping. The actual quality of your product may sway an undecided customer less than the high-resolution image or images you provided for said product.

 So, it's best to invest more in your website design, presentation, and design. Focusing on these more minor elements ensures a better connection with your customer base. They are more likely to make a purchase if the products on the website are visually appealing.

Bottom Line

Implementing a good website design allows your business to engage with more customers, achieve quicker results, and much more. It's essential to maintain a balanced approach as you build and integrate the perfect content strategy. Focus on using high-quality images, drafting good content, and embedding engaging background videos to really drive brand engagement.

If you need more help with the process or wish to partner with a reliable resource while taking the first steps towards building the perfect website for your business, reach out to our team of experts at ShopDango today. We will help you with digital advertising, SEO strategies, content management, and much more.

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