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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

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Many business owners make the mistake of directing all of their focus on the quality of their products rather than pushing the narrative on how they will be received by the public. Our social media managers can keep a finger on the pulse of how your products are being presented and received. They will monitor, execute, filter, and measure all angles of your company’s social media presence, while giving you back the ability to focus on the quality of the products that make your company great.

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  • Basic

    Price: $1,400 per month

    We will actively monitor and respond to 15 posts per month on Facebook and Instagram. Should you decide to boost your posts (an additional cost that is paid to the platforms), we will also handle the intricacies to make sure not only the most eyes see those posts but also the best eyes see those posts.

  • Premium

    Price: $1,600 per month

    The same as the Basic plan but with 25 posts per month.

  • Plus

    Price: $2,200 per month

    The same as the Basic and Premium plan but with 50 posts per month. Additionally, with this package, we bring in the power of Tiktok by posting 5, 60-second custom Tiktok videos.

  • Extra Social Channel

    Each additional social network (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

    Price: $200

  • Branded Video Production

    Monthly 15-second animation video

    Price: $400

  • Influencer Branded Content

    Posts made by social media influencers. We will reach out to influencers and work with them to produce a post to promote your business or product. Influencer post prices vary.

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  • Follower Boost

    Put our network of social media influencers to work by increasing your follower count. Influencers large and small will post about your company with the goal being the number of followers you want. Rest assured knowing these followers will be actual people not bots.

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